California Tech Trekkers at UC San Diego - June 2000California Tech Trekkers at UC San Diego - June 2000

Tech Trek was established by the California AAUW to encourage girls entering the 8th grade to aspire to careers in Math, Science and Computer Technology. The first Tech Trek was held the summer of 1998 at Stanford University. Tech Trek 1999 expanded to include camps at Fresno and San Diego in addition to Stanford.

Here in San Diego Tech Trek girls attend a week-long camp on the UCSD campus where they live the life of a college student. They learn to live with someone other than a relative, eat dorm food and explore the campus area under the careful supervision of camp staff. The girls will also interact with women who model a high degree of science, math or computer expertise as part of their daily lives. They learn Physics via the roller coaster, tour a facility on robotics, study Astronomy, learn about Great Women in History, find DNA, and study marine biology with a boat trip on the bay.

A 2007 report on the impact of Tech Trek on students who attended in the program's first four years,  1998-2001, was developed from a survey developed and analyzed by Woodside Research Consortium. Please read the full report: Initial Report on the Impact of the AAUW California Tech Trek Science Camp for Girls and its acknowledgments .

Included in the report and separated out here are selected comments from the surveyed girls.  These girls attended many prestigious California, national and international institutions of higher learning.

If you would like more information on Tech Trek, either to find out how to get your daughter involved, or to donate much-needed funds (each Trekker's tuition costs approximately $800 and includes room & board for the week), please contact our Tech Trek Chair.

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