My middle school experience with wonderful teachers and fun and diverse students in a campus atmosphere at AAUW Tech Trek Science Camp is one of the reasons I am presently studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard.

Tech Trek gave me greater confidence in myself and opened my eyes to the power women could have in the field of science.

It put me in an environment in which I met other girls who were also interested in science, which I hadn't experienced before. This contact and the fun activities inspired me to continue science.

Tech Trek truly changed the way I thought about science and math. I was always pretty good at those subjects in school, but Tech Trek was a really fun way to meet other girls who were interested in those subjects. The enjoyment we got out of subjects that were considered "dorky" or "nerdy" in school was celebrated at Tech Trek and meeting other girls from all different backgrounds was a very bonding experience. Tech Trek definitely influenced my thoughts about math and science, and probably contributed to my achievements in high school and acceptance to Washington University in St Louis. THANK YOU, I had a great time and I'll never forget it.

Tech Trek helped me meet other girls interested in science/math, who were willing to share that interest. It also gave me confidence to try out other, longer math/science camps while in high school, which ended up directly influencing my choice of major and career.

I really enjoyed my stay at Tech-Trek. I didn't realize it at the time, but it boosted my confidence in science and mathematics. I admired the instructors I had while I was there because I was so used to male math and science teachers in school, so to see female instructors was really motivating. Plus, it was the first time I had ever been on a college campus, so I felt privileged to get a chance to explore the campus and actually have classes there, as if I were a college student myself. Now that I reflect back on what I learned, I sincerely believe it was a tremendously positive influence in my academic career.

Tech Trek was the best thing about Junior High and High School.

At first I thought I was alone in the subjects and things that interested me. Given the opportunity to attend Fresno State through Tech Trek showed me that I wasn't alone. It allowed me to be more comfortable with myself and to be proud about who I am as an individual.

Tech Trek was a great experience. It was nice to live on a college camp but looking back on it the "labs" were fun and it was nice to finally see other girls who liked science and see that it wasn't a subject designated for males.

Tech Trek was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever, and did give me a little nudge to seriously consider science as a career path.

Though I chose not to pursue a career in science or math, it was a wonderful experience that allowed me the opportunity to interact with other bright students my age and to feel confident about pursuing a future in college.

Honestly, the Tech Trek Science Camp gave me confidence as a student from the very beginning. It not only interested me in math and science, but it gave me confidence in my writing. Winning the scholarship to the camp included a written essay.

Tech Trek was my only strongly positive, hands-on, make-science-real-and-cool experience in all of middle school, and I credit it with saving my interest in scienceā€¦.

Thank you for helping me to never join the girls at my high school who complained that math and science were boring or pointless. Thanks to Tech Trek, I've seen how they apply in the real world, and that by avoiding math and science, you miss out on the most fascinating elements of life. Thank you for offering this opportunity to young girls!

It was a good experience to see other girls my age who liked and were involved with science and exposed me to a wide variety of disciplines.

Attending the Tech Trek Science Camp showed me how much I enjoy math and science. I believe that it has helped to shape the path that I am now following. I do not feel that I would be pursuing a degree and ultimately a career in the field of biology had I not been lucky enough to attend this camp.

Tech Trek Science Camp did give me a great opportunity to be with other girls who were just as motivated as I was about science and school. It also gave me a chance to see that women can be successful in the fields of math and science.

It encouraged me to go forward with a career in the sciences, even though I am a female.

I never imagined becoming a mathematician but this experience opened up my eyes to see that I can do anything. It was a little taste of what college is all about.

Tech Trek Science Camp was my first introduction into the world of science outside of the classroom. It was especially important to me because as the child of an underprivileged family, I have had very few opportunities to learn in such a hands-on fashion and with such vibrant instructors as well as students. I can still remember years later the excitement all us young girls shared as we went through Tech Trek together.

I feel that it is a great program that encourages young women to get involved in non-typical academic fields. The more females exposed to this type of program the better. This program could be especially beneficial to those who are not in typical college oriented environments.

Spending one week in a college setting helped me know, without a doubt, that I would attend college after high school.

Tech Trek opened my eyes on the different career possibilities available. It also taught me that there are many professional women in the math and science fields, and that I should not be intimidated to choose those as well. Tech Trek reminded me that I
can choose a major in engineering, a field previously "reserved" for men.

My first college experience. Great way to be introduced to a college campus.

Tech Trek introduced physics to me at a very early age. I did not revisit the material until I was a senior in high school. Granted, the material was presented in a manner that was far more advanced than my Tech Trek experience, I still feel that my summer experience helped. I learned that physics was a lot of fun and helped me decide to go to a technically focused high school and college.

The lactose intolerance project that my group completed spiked my interest in genetics and was probably the most catalytic force in driving my interest towards biology.

Tech Trek Science camp is an excellent way to expose young women to the idea of being successful in the fields of science and mathematics. I believe that I was already confident in my abilities at that time and Tech Trek helped cement those ideas. I think it is a useful program. I also think it should focus on lower end students who don't necessarily have the self-confidence to explore four year university ideas on their own.

People at Tech Trek not only accepted who I was, but they liked me for all my "nerdy" (aka, not ditzy/superficial) tendencies. Incidentally, I did attempt to take a math course in college, but they wouldn't allow freshwomen to take it. So, next year!

Tech Trek helped me to realize that there are many opportunities in math and science fields for women and that I, like the professional women we met, can accomplish many things.

This great opportunity I was offered really helped show me what college would be all about. I was a shy, reserved girl from a very traditional family who had to totally evaluate letting me attend this camp. They never let me spend the night at a friends house so why would the let me go to a camp many miles away. I was so excited and nervous when they let me attend. To this day I always think of how much fun and how excited I got when we extracted DNA from kiwi fruit. Taking Microbiology in college gave me that same feeling and that is why I switched my major last semester.

I was introduced to DNA technology, and have been interested in the topic ever since.

Tech Trek opened my eyes to the world of science. For the first time I saw the application of science to the real world. Tech Trek influenced me to pursue a degree in Biology.

Tech Trek was one of the greatest experiences I've had in my lifetime. It motivated me to strive to obtain a good profession where I can use my skills to be successful. I became more confident in my learning capabilities. It was a great accomplishment and opportunity for me to attend the camp. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I believe that Trek Tech has helped me get to where I am now in my life.

If it weren't for Tech Trek I might not have seriously considered pursuing a career in engineering. I had a great time engaged in scientific exploration surrounded by a group of girls who shared my interests in math and science.

I would like to thank the women who made this happen. Through this experience I met many new people, and I was exposed to the feeling of being away from home, that I appreciate now. Tech Trek also gave me the confidence to attend other programs away from home.

This program was awesome. It gave me the opportunity to see a college campus and to see how it felt to live on a college campus.

Tech Trek was my first time away from home for a long period of time. It was also my first time setting foot on a college campus. I had the time of my life and can honestly say that to this day it still has a huge impact on my educational choices. Through Tech Trek, I was given opportunities to expand my knowledge in math and science, but I was also given the opportunity to feel as though I was capable of accomplishing success in those areas. The program gave me self-esteem and taught me that my education was something I had unique control of, despite my age. It opened the door to a whole new world of science and math that I wasn't aware existed, and pushed me to explore it in a way that made me want to seek to know more in these areas and I definitely walked away knowing that I was destined for college. This is a powerful tool in motivating a 13-year-old girl to seek a higher education and set goals for dreams that are extremely attainable.

I enjoyed the college living. Some of the experiments were amazing.

Not only did it make me more interested in science and math by taking the material outside of the classroom, it also took me to a new level personally because of the friends that I met and the memories I have from it. It made such an impact that I actually wrote about it in my college applications.

I think that Tech Trek is a great experience for any young girl to be a part of. It helped show me that women are just as strong or even stronger than men and not to be discouraged to pursue math or science just because its impacted by men. Tech Trek inspired me to pursue a career in science.

I think that middle school is the perfect age to invigorate young women into the science and math fields. Attending the first Tech Trek at Stanford camp with other girls empowered me as a female and as a student.

The week I spent at Tech Trek was my first real experience of "college life". I can still remember the amazing field trips and scientific excursions we enjoyed. I was interested in science before I attended the camp, and my experience there only helped to solidify that interest.

I liked that it gave positive and smart role models for girls interested in math and science.

I had so much fun and it got me excited about science. Because of Tech Trek I found a love of science that is still in me and now i am a science major in school. Tech Trek made a huge difference in my life and I am so glad that I had the chance to attend and because of that found an interest in science, that I don/t know I would have found without this camp!!!

Tech Trek excited me about math and science at a time when I loved both but did not consider myself especially good at either. I thought I did not have natural aptitude for them. Even if I did not immediately understand mathematical and scientific concepts, Tech Trek helped me see that I did not have to have natural genius to enjoy them.

I remember having such an amazing experience at Tech Trek Science Camp. We did so many different and awesome things. The whole experience was valuable, from living in a (college) dorm to meeting girls who were just as excited about math and science as I was. I have continued down the path of mathematics; I am a math major in college.

Tech Trek helped me realize how wide the science and math fields are, and how many options I had.

The experience got me more excited about science and more driven to succeed to get into college. More importantly, it exposed me to different people, which my sheltered suburban life had previously hindered me from meeting.

Tech Trek was a wonderful experience and I still value it tremendously to this day. Although I have decided not to pursue a career in Math/Science, the camp did strongly influence my self-confidence and fascination for these two academic areas. I took higher math and science courses while in high school and college and am proud to say that I got excellent grades in all of them. I am pursuing a job in teaching English, Tech Trek did influence the way I see women in society and made me realize how much this country needs great teachers! I hope to one day be able to return to Tech Trek as an adult to mentor girls and give them the wonderful experience I was blessed with! Thank you!

This was the true beginning of a marine identity on the personal level. This was a beginning of a science career for me on an academic level. This experience, now that I look back at it, really helped me gain more confidence in myself. I attended Tech Trek at UCSD and can proudly say that I'm attending UCSD now. This camp also got me thinking about what I really wanted at such a young age. Thank You!

I believe it did play a role in my deciding to concentrate in a STEM field rather than the humanities. I would definitely encourage the continuation of the program!


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