Due to COVID-19 concerns, all branch meetings will be conducted on the Zoom platform until further notice
Meetings may be joined on computers, electronic tablets and smart phones. 
Instructions for joining each meeting will be sent a few days in advance.
May General Meeting
Conversations with Long -Time Members
Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021
Time: 10:30 A.M. (on Zoom)
As a founding member of Cabrillo-Diego Branch, I note that we will soon be approaching our 50th anniversary as an AAUW Branch! We were officially approved for branch status in May 1972. As an introduction, I  will present some memories of our meetings in 1971-72, and how a small group of dedicated women worked to form a new branch for San Diego.

Our program today will feature conversations with four long-time members of Cabrillo-Diego – Alice Buck, Lyn Kagey, Marion Nebiker, and Sylvia Smith. They will be discussing various aspects of our branch  activities and how their lives have been enhanced by participation in the many groups and challenges that have been offered through AAUW. We will also hear of their opinions on various AAUW topics.
There are many issues that we can cover in this session. Each speaker will be introduced separately, and then she will share her memories and thoughts. After all have taken part in the presentation, we will have time for a question/answer session, so please take note of areas and or issues which are of special interest to you.
Please join us for an informative program that will give you a chance to learn more about some of the important issues from the past and other issues that face AAUW members today.

Barbara Fitzsimmons, Program Committee







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